HELP ! Cannot Access WD My Cloud even it is visible Windows10

I am trying to access the WD MYCLOUD with no luck
MYBOOKWORLD and MYBOOKWORLDII are visible and accesible !

for MYCLOUD i get the message Windows Cannot access \ MYCLOUD

What is the specific error message you are receiving when attempting to access the My Cloud? Can you post a screen shot of the error message?

Windows has a problem with using multiple user/login’s to the same device. If you are using a second (or two or more) My Cloud user names/passwords to access the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer, one typically receives an error message from Windows.

It asks for username and password. I have written both admin/admin but now it seems to be locked and not working at all

If one hasn’t changed the default admin password for the My Cloud then they should leave the password field blank/empty. By default the My Cloud administrator password is blank/empty until one changes it through the My Cloud Dashboard. One can change the admin password by accessing the My Cloud Dashboard > Users page then select the user, then select the Password > Edit link.

One may have to access the Windows Credentials Manager and see if there is an entry for WD My Cloud. If so remove it and reboot the computer then try accessing the My Cloud again in Windows File Explorer.

it worked for the MYBOOKLIVE as you said without password ! thank you for that
The problem persists with MYCLOUD. even if i removed the pass from windows credential manager.

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard? If you have previously set an administrator password but have forgotten it then one can perform a 4 second reset which will reset the My Cloud administrator password back to default which is blank (no password).

You may also have to power down both the My Cloud and the computer. Then power the My Cloud back on, wait for it to boot up completely, then power on the computer as sometimes only a reboot on the computer and My Cloud will fix certain issues with trying to log into the My Cloud after clearing out the Windows Credentials Manager.