Help, can copy files via win7 file manager but unable to move them?

Hi all

need some simple help please

Got two windows 7 machines, got my WD Mycloud mapped as a network drive on both

On one on the Win 7 machines I can move/copy/delete files on the MyCloud (between pc and NAS and between NAS directories)v ia win file manger

on the other machine I can only copy files, cannot move or delete them, always get the message “you require permission from WDMYCLOUDMIRROR\nobody”

I’ve tried a system only restore, tried net user* /delete, tried deleting al windows credentials; nothings worked so getting fed up… any help please?


I ended up having to use winscp and ssh’ing in then changing owner of folders from “nobody” to “admin”…still have no idea which it worked on one of my win 7 machines but not the other!

Hello there,

Thanks for sharing this with the community, hopefully this will help other user with similar issues.