Help a tech noob

I went to plug in my My Cloud after having moved into a new home but I can’t get it to work. I get a yellow/light orange flashing light on the front. When I called support (of course it’s out of warranty) I am basically told that the interface failed and I can’t access my files. Is there anything I can do? We have pictures and videos of our kids since they were born and I can’t imagine losing those! Thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide!

What was the IP address before our moved? What is the ip address now? On a Gen 1 My Cloud a yellow
light can mean no network connection. You could try the 40 second reset.

I would have to look at that when I get home. I will try the 40 second reset

Start with the basics. Make sure to plug an Ethernet cable from the router’s networking port into the Ethernet port on the back of the My Cloud. When powering on a My Cloud unit it may take a while before it finishes scanning the contents of the drive and showing a blue LED.

In certain rare cases the broadband provider’s router may cause a conflict with the My Cloud. The workaround to this rare issue is to use a (cheap) network switch between the My Cloud and the broadband provider’s router. WD Support has a Knowledgebase article that discusses this particular issue.

Log into the router’s administration screen and see if the router is handing out an IP address to the My Cloud.

If one previously configured their My Cloud with a static IP address via the My Cloud Dashboard they may need to perform a 40 second reset to reset the My Cloud Dashboard settings to their default settings. This will change the My Cloud Dashboard Settings static IP address setting back to automatic IP address setting.