HDMI problem with one of two boxes

Hi forum,

I have had the WD TV Live HD Media Player (WDBAAP0000NBK-00) for some years now, and I went out and bought another one for my mother. I got it used, and the guy I got it from, showed me in his home, on his Phillips TV, that it worked fine with HDMI, wireless dongle ect. before I purchased it from him. Now I tried to connect it to my own TV at home, but HDMI is not working.

When I’m in the video/audio setting, and have the WD TV connected with composite (so I can get a picture to work from), I can set the video output to HDMI, but no picture is sent through HDMI. When I disconnect the HDMI cable, the WD TV detects this, and automatically sets the video output option to composite, I can litterally see the setting change from “HDMI(Auto)” to “Composite(PAL)”. Remember, I have the composite cable connected to see the picture from the WD TV. When I plug in the HDMI cable again, the WD TV detects this and changes the setting to “HDMI(Auto)” again, but there is just no signal coming out from the HDMI. I have had my Sony Bravia TV connected to the HDMI, and also a PC monitor with HDMI, none of them got a HDMI signal. I have tried several cables, including connecting them backwards but no luck.

If I connect my old WD TV, same model number, it behaves like above but it DOES output the HDMI signal, and works with both my TV and PC monitor, and with all the different HDMI cables.

The thing is, the seller showed me the WD TV working fine on his TV when I picked it up from his place. So it worked when I picked it up, but it doesn’t work now in my home.

I also tried to clean the HDMI connector in the problematic WD TV, with contact cleaner and compressed air, this did not make any difference.

The firmware versions are the same on my old box and the newly purchased one (version 1.06.43_V). I have tried resetting to factory defaults several times using the menu, and also using the reset button on the side. Nothing worked.

When looking at the HDMI connector on the two WD TV boxes, they seem a bit different, the one on my old WD TV, the one that works, the middle part of the connector seems thicker. Could this have deformed the connectors in my cables, so when I connect the cables to the other WD TV box, some of the connections are not good? I suppose not, the HDMI is a standard, and the connectors in the cables are probable spring loaded to take up any manufacturer differences, but who knows…

What can I do?


dunno, have Both the Composite And HDMI connected at the Same Time …

go to the AV on the Sony for the Composite Input …(eg AV1 ,2 etc)

then in the Settings Select HDMI (Auto)

don’t Unplug Anything …

go to the HDMI Input on the Sony eg. HDMI 1, 2 or 3 etc

if all good, Picture on HDMI ok ,disconnect the Composite Cable but …

if you don’t see a picture on HDMI > go back to the Composite Input on your Sony and select a Manual resolution ie 480p@60Hz

go back to HDMI input to see if there is a picture, if yes (then try higher settings)  if no … then dunno

P.S. Have you talked to the seller about this problem ?

I have tried what you just suggested, still no picture from HDMI.

I texted the seller, and he even tested the box on another TV with another cable before I arrived. I can visit him and try the box on his TV again, he’s a real nice guy.

Can I accidently have changed the PAL/NTSC setting while holding down the reset button? I did only hold it for 4-5 seconds as stated in the guide I found here:


I don’t know if the PAL/NTSC setting is relevant for HDMI, but the WD TV does set composite to PAL, so I guess the WD TV knows to use PAL?

Regarding the forum, sorry, I didn’t see there was a forum for legacy products before I posted.

PAL/NTSC setting is not relevant to HDMI

Sorry, unsure what the problem is, but it’s good that the seller has good communication and willing to try the device again on his TV.

If it’s ok with him, take some of your cables with you as well, to test.

Have been having on/off issues with HDMI connection from WD TV Live (Gen 2) players. Have 2 of these, and the issues happen with a Samsung 46" TV. Typically the WDLive will show the initial splash screen, then there is a blank screen, sometimes followed by a brief ‘home screen’ which then goes blank and the WDLive restarts and the sequence repeats. If the LAN cable is disconnected, the home screen persists (but then the device can’t be used with network based media). My solution to this is: 1. disconnect the LAN cable (either at the WDLive or at the other end such as a network switch/router). 2. Start the WDLive and wait until the home screen shows. 3. Go to Settings, Video/Audio change the HDMI to the desired resolution (I use 1080/50i) and in the next screen select a specific mode, DONT USE ‘AUTO’. (I used RGB High), then on the next screen I used 12 bits. 4. Go to the main Home screen and turn the WDLive off. 5. Reconnect the LAN cable. 6. Start the WDLive - with some patience this should reach the home screen with full functionality. I tried this on my 2 players and it works. My explanation is that it fails to negotiate the HDMI mode in ‘Auto’. The f/w used is 1.06.43_V.