HDD waking up from sleep every hour

One of the reasons for going for WD NAS rather than spend time building my own from scratch was the expectation basics would work out of the box. PR4100 was okay with OS3 despite the lack of apps which competitors provide for free but since OS5, it’s been plagued with one issue or another. It’s still acceptable this issue sneaked through testing, what’s not acceptable is there’s no fix from WD since last 2 weeks and there’s no simple option to even roll back to OS3.

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Of course I did it

Very strange. If you don’t think you need the crons maybe just backup and delete them them or ‘chmod 000’ them. The two im aware of is ‘/var/spool/cron/crontabs/root’ & ‘/etc/cron.d/wdlog’. Both of them have no extension. I interact with files with 'vi (read), ‘cp’ (copy), ‘rm’ (delete) and ‘mv’ (move & rename extensions). Anyway after a reboot of the box the files come back and all is reset.

Im sorry things don’t work on your mycloud and all the hassle.

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I have the same issue here as well…

I added # to all lines in crontab (ssh to My Cloud EX2 Ultra, crontab -e) and 2x Esc then saved (:wq). I double checked again and all #s were at the beginning of all line in crontab.
But the unit did not go to sleep as usual on OS3, it still wakes up randomly and sleeps for very short intervals (varies between almost 10 t0 50 minutes).

Just after I stopped the restsdk.sh (restsdk.sh stop), I can see the unit is in a deeeeep sleep. But the problem is I cannot have access to it from cloud (both app and web interface). Both say: Device Offline.

I did this today 29th Nov, 2020 at around 14:30 and as you can see HD0 went to stand by and 14:46 and until 20:42 was in Stand by mode (I tried to link through SMB and the HD0 woke up). 20:54 to Stand by again…

So, if I stop restsdk.sh, i have no access through Cloud (app and web), but only I can connect to MyCloud through SMB on LAN.

To WD Developers:
Is there no one from WD’s programmers to explain why every time after each release of firmware, instead of solving this SLEEP problem, you make it worth! And every time, people in this community needs to tweak around all the time to fix the issues you have left in the firmware.

Rumaben, have you figured out any solution to make the HDDs to sleep but still have cloud access?

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What im doing now is just deleting `PullWdlogConfig.sh’, ‘getAgreement.sh’ & ‘wdLogUploader.sh’ & 'cleanAlert.sh´ from ‘/usr/local/sbin/’ and also ‘wdlog.conf’ from ‘/usr/local/config/’ as well as typing ‘random_chk_central -d’ to try and keep it clean. But im aware that some people have bigger problems that just logging issues.

I never had troubles with indexing maybe because i disabled indexing at an earlier firmware revision and also never turned it on for a longer time.

Sorry SNezamA maybe try turning off mysql 'mysqladmin shutdown´ instead of restsdk & turn restsdk back on by ‘restsdk.sh start’?

Please check your own User.log and ‘top’ to see what’s going on.

My restsdk’s all have the parameter ‘-minimal’ after it. Not sure if that’s why im not getting as aggressive of an index?

restsdk-server -minimal -configPath /usr/local/modules/restsdk/etc/restsdk-server.toml -crashLog /var/log/restsdk-server-crash.log

restsdk-serverd -outputLog /var/log/restsdk-server-output.log -crashLog /var/log/restsdk-server-crash.log restsdk-server -minimal -configPath /usr/local/modules//etc/restsdk-server.toml

So perhaps look into the toml file ‘vi /usr/local/modules/restsdk/etc/restsdk-server.toml’ for ideas as well. Maybe completely block the ‘dataDir’ &/or ‘infoDataDir’ from being accessed (chmod -R 000 or just 644)?

This is my toml: restsdk-server.txt (2.1 KB) (just copied via scp to local pc & renamed to .txt)

Okay im not certain but i think someone found a solution to the reverting crontab configs. Reboot just after editing and before the revert is done (you mention a couple of hours).

Here they mention the crons inside ‘/usr/local/config/config.xml’ I wasn’t aware of them sorry. :slight_smile: I’ll try doing the earlier mentioned crons to see if the edits persist if i reboot right after.

Edit: Not working with the before mentioned crons. trying the xml now.

Edit2: Found the solution i think -> How to Make Persistent System Changes (crontab, etc)

Although ‘wdnas_backup’ doesn’t seem to have any of any of the settings we are interested in and wdnas_config is not remembered after reboot. Maybe someone smarter than me can figure this one out?

wd_crontab.sh (/usr/local/modules/script/wd_crontab.sh) looks like this:

Edit3: Well i deleted all the sh files mentioned earlier & stopped all i could. Then i #'ed out the two previous crons completely and made them both as locked down as possible with chmod 000. Then we’ll see if they revert. :slight_smile: In the config.xml i just removed ‘pull_wdlog_config’ lines.

I haven’t been able to find & read ‘random_check’ & ‘expire.sh’ yet so i’ll leave those for now. Also no chmod for config.xml because it’s nice being able to configure sometimes inside of the wd html config. :slight_smile:

Hi Rumaben,
Thanks for your help…
I did:

rm /usr/local/sbin/PullWdlogConfig.sh
rm /usr/local/sbin/getAgreement.sh
rm /usr/local/sbin/wdLogUploader.sh
rm /usr/local/sbin/cleanAlert.sh
rm /usr/local/config/wdlog.conf
random_chk_central -d
mysqladmin shutdown
restsdk.sh start
crontab -e

[add # in front of all lines]
[Esc Esc :wq Enter]

but again the HDD woke up at 00:13 last night. Then I stopped restsdk.sh again and it has been in Stand By since now (Though I have no Cloud access.)

My ‘restsdk-server.toml’ content is same as yours (the text file you uploaded.) and I could not run ‘chmod -R 000’ it gives an error.
And, I have not gone through your last message (47 on this page), it is advance for me LOL.

I still I do not understand, why should I, as a final user of this product, do all these changes, programming and spending a lot of time understanding these things which is not my field of expertise! to let my product work as usual/expected… Is there anyone from WD here to maybe have an answer us?


chmod -r (recursive) is only for directories with subfolders with files inside as far as i know. For single files just type ‘chmod 000 /usr/local/modules/restsdk/etc/restsdk-server.toml’. Just hitting Escape once is enough i think mate just to get out of edit mode.

‘/etc/cron.d/wdlog´ is another cron file you can "# out’. crontab -e is the same as doing ’ vi /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root’.

Check the permissions of a file by cd’ing into the dir and type 'ls -la´.

chmod 000 looks like this:

Sorry i didn’t find any way to just limit restsdk without stopping it. But maybe editing crons can do something if we can get them to stick more than just a couple of hours. Im checking if i can make it do that now although i’ve only noticed once recently it reverted and that were only when tinkering with random check server parameters & it was the only line i #'ed out. previously im pretty sure all the lines stayed #'ed for weeks. But now im curious :). One thing me and another user found out is that random_chk_central can mess with a cron if you put in the wrong parameter ‘random_chk_central -s’ i think. But i have a bit of ocd when i try everything at once, so not completely sure after a while. lol. :smiley:

At least i hope just one person can use some of what i find out., even though it’s a messy write-up. hah. :slight_smile:

Edit: I use the tab key alot to make sure the paths are correct when typing in commands or just to keep from typing in complete names of files/dirs.

I just gave up…
Stopped the restsdk.sh, with no cloud access :roll_eyes:… waiting for WD programmers to release a new update with a solution for HDD sleep problem.

I have quite a few files on my NAS. It looks like there is a process running to do a complete system scan of the disks. My disks are actually heavily under stress for 12 minutes on my PR4100. Will check my EX4100 tomorrow but already noticed the noise. This is completely unacceptable.

So sorry to hear that. My cronjobs are still commented out as i thought they would be and User.log still working. No idea what im doing different other than maybe also deleting '‘/usr/sbin/rt_script.sh’, chmod 000 the wdlog/root crons and turning off upnp & otaclient as well. Maybe you can use use some alternative hosting app/ftp or docker on the mycloud? That or maybe only enable the “Mobile & Web App Access” for the shares you absolutely need (if this controls the indexing as well).

I just use teamviewer to remote connect but i have a computer connected to the mycloud.

Found this: https://github.com/igormcoelho/wd-ultra-mycloud-owncloud

All of this is suggestions only ofcause. :wink:

Yes if you really want a laugh just ssh in and look at
cd any one of them eg cd a
ls -lS
Ha ha ha

ras le bol d’avoir un NAS qui tourne tout le temps pour rien
du bruit, du bruit du bruit…strong text

** fed up ** to have a NAS that runs all the time for nothing
noise, noise noise …

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@WDStaff Any ETA on when a firmware update will be rolled out to fix this bug? Thanks

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Hi Rumaben,
My problem is not with indexing, the indexing is done and the HD goes to Stand By but wakes up quite shortly after with no cloud access, no SMBA, nothing…
And, as soon as I stop the restsdk.sh, there is no could access…

@mirge101, we are hoping for such a solution from WD to be released soon
@HHE, I believe it is every one’s problem after upgrading to OS5


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I personally never had indexing problems but the drives spinup anyway for web access/logging.

Alright SNezamA I just gave you some alternatives to the wd cloud access since stopping restsdk also killed your cloud access.

Unless i misunderstood what you wrote and the harddrive spinup issue is still there even after stopping absolutely everything (including restsdk). Then it’s all on the wd people to fix this. Anyway it’s annoing any way you slice it. :))

I got reply form support. I send link to this thread and described the whole situation.

For short - they are stupid. I want to use less polite words.

For long:

I understand that your My Cloud EX2 Ultra is waking up after a while. I assure you, I will do my best to help you with this.

A My Cloud device will wake due to disk or network activity caused either by a user trying to access it or because an installed third party app needs to perform an action as a minor update.
The link below refer to My Cloud not entering Standby Mode however the causes for waking up My Cloud are mostly the same.
My Cloud Does Not Enter Sleep or Standby Mode:

Also please make sure that the power schedule in correctly configured on your device.
Configuring the Power Schedule on a My Cloud:

They are hopeless.

I’m choosed Synology solution and migrate after New Year. Never WD NAS solution. NEVER.

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Obviously, they even didn’t bother to read the thread at all. It’s hopeless, yes.
I thought about Synology earlier. These days it’s a significant reason to migrate off WD.

Same issue here. Before OS 5 the drives stayed asleep until I wanted to access them. I only connect via SMB when I do a backup a few times a week. I don’t have apps running, and have always disabled cloud access. Once I upgraded to OS 5, they wake up at least every hour at very consistent intervals. At this point I have disabled sleep because with any drive, especially ones that are spec for RAID, spinning all the time is not going to cause premature failure as much as frequent mount/unmount. I don’t do it for the energy savings, I do it for drive longevity.

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when you fix this bug. my hdd’s are waking up every few minutes. On OS4 everything was ok.