HDD Type informations

Hi everyone.

My question is simple, the My Cloud EX4 and/or EX4100 does work with non-Red HDDs?
For example, does the NAS work with the Green series of HDDs?

I know it’s not the optimal choice but this is to evaluate a possible upgrade of my actual home NAS.

Thanks in advance,

Hello, I know the EX 4 can take other drives that are not the Red, but I couldn’t find them in the manual. As for the EX4100, I don’t think it can, maybe another user can provide some information for this.

You can use drives other than red drives. When I first got my EX4 I had a couple black drive and a couple green drives in it. It worked fine.

Thank you both for the answers!

Currently I’m looking to buy a EX4, but having some feedback on the EX4100, maybe from someone who use it, would be lovely!