Compatible Drives for My Cloud EX4100

I am wondering if I can put any SATA 3/SATA 6 drive into the EX4100 or whether one is really restricted to the drives listed on


My Cloud EX4100 Hard Drive Compatibility List

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Hi to everyone!

Few weeks ago my 4th HDD indicator became red. After rebooting and complete test of all drives there is no any error was discovered. And now everything continue working fine. But I’d like to buy spare HDD to replace defective if it finally brakes.

I have the similar question about 4TB HDD compatible to my EX4100. The list published here “My Cloud: Hard Drive Compatibility” is too short. And the only one RED series 4TB model there WD40EFAX which I do not want to use due to SMR technology. Does anyone reading this topic use RED Plus HDD WD40EFZX ?

The link published 2 years earlier in this topic is no longer working properly

Does anybody have the proper link with the more complete list of compatible drives?

Thank you!

The hard drive “compatibility” list is simply a list of drives HP has tested with the NAS. Pretty much any HDD will work.