Having issues copying files to my new 4T MyCloud

Just hooked up my new 4T MyCloud and need to copy 1.7G of archives to it.  The problems that I’m having are that whether hooked to my router or directly to my Mac, the transfer speed is UNBELIEVABLY slow.  (a single 5G folder took 17 hours)  I cant believe that is normal for MyCloud transfers.  I have a very fast network- 100mbs and a brand new dual band router.

Worse yet, the transfers frequently fail and it just stops transferring. I could deal with that by just restarting the transfer where it left off but MYCloud seems to create all of the folders in a transfer first and then proceeds to poulate those folders.  This makes it impossible to determine which files didn’t transfer without searching the contents of each folder and cross referencing them with the original archive.  My archive has many thousands of folders so this is not an option.

I find this very frustrating as I have never had trouble backing up my archive to new drives before.  I could simply select the entire contents of the old drive, drag it to the new drive and wait about 10 hours for it to complete.  I have never had problems with the copying failing before and if I were to stop the transfer mid way  I was always able to see where the transfer stopped and pick it up again from there. My archive has a separate folder for each client, and each job for that client is in a separate folder within that client folder.

I can only hope that once I manage to get my archive onto the MyCloud (intact) that adding to it wont be as big a problem.

But how do I get this large amount of data onto the drive (intact) in the first place?  I have tried hooking it to my computer via USB and that doesn’t work.  The drive does not appear.  If I hook it up via ethernet, I can access it via the MyCloud app but that is where the transfers fail after an excruciatingly long transfer.

Sorry for the long post but I am at my wits end am close to just sending this thing back.  Can anyone help?

I wonder how the transfer would go if the media services were stopped.  Could twonky or other media services

by scanning everytime a file is added or every few minutes.  As more files are added the rescans would take longer and longer.


How would I go about stopping the media services?  There will never be any music or streaming media on this drive.  Just graphics files so it sounds like something I dont need to have running.

InMotion wrote:

How would I go about stopping the media services?  There will never be any music or streaming media on this drive.  Just graphics files so it sounds like something I dont need to have running.

The Twonky Media Server doesn’t just serve up video it serves up audio and graphic files too. By default any media files copied to the “Public” folder on the WD My Cloud will be scanned by the media server. Often it can take HOURS for such scans to complete if copying a large amount of files to the Public folder, during which the WD My Cloud is extrodinarly slow when performing other tasks.

One can disable the media service by accessing the WD My Cloud administration page ( http://wdmycloud/), navigate to Settings and then Media then under DLNA Media Streaming change the Media Streaming default setting from On to Off. May want to also under iTunes change the iTunes Server default setting form On to Off.

When transfering a large amount of files its best, if possible, to connect the PC direct to the same router the WD My Cloud is connected too. Keep in mind that not all routers or hubs are Gigabit capable, more than a few will support 10/100mb speed not the Gigabit (1000mb) speed. And not all PC’s have a Gigabit Ethernet port some, typically lower cost laptops, may only support 10/100mb speed which means that your limited to the speed of the slowest port be it the PC or router/hub. Same goes when trying to transfer large amount of files over a wireless connection. You will be limited to the slowest wifi device in either the PC or the wireless router.

Twonky is fairly quick to index media (about 15 minutes for 1.4 TB, 63k audio & 5k pictures).

The tasks that take time are the thumbnailing tasks. See the discussion here:


The following image is from my Gateway Computer, Windows 7 SP1, Quad Core processor 3GHz speed. File was drag and drop to my My Cloud.


My, My Cloud, is connected to my router as shown in the User Manual.

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