Very slow copying files to MyCloud

Copying files into my new 6TB MyCloud drive seems to be very slow. I ran some simple copy tests to and from my SSD drive to see what the transfer speeds are. I used a 2GB file as a test case. I used File Explorer in WIndows 10 to initiate the copy from the WDMYCLOUD network drive to my SSD C drive. There were no other programs running on my PC and no other users on my local network. Both the MyCloud drive and the PC are connected to a Trendnet Gigabit switch which is connected to a Gigibit router. There are other 100Mbit devices plugged into the switch such as older NAS, printers and Ooma phone. The LED light on the MyCloud drive is solid blue in the front and solid green + blinking green at the Ethernet port.

Copying from MyCloud to the SSD yielded 22 seconds segments of 45MB/sec transfers with pauses of no activity up to 12 seconds.Below is a screen capture of the copy window showing transfer speed and the Task Manager window showing Ethernet activity.The pauses are annoying, but overall speed is not too bad.

Copying the same 2GB file from the SSD back to another folder on MyCloud was much slower. Below are 2 screen captures showing speeds at 50% and 95% completion.

These ethernet throughput charts show many periods of zero activity and varying transfer speeds.The graph on the copy window is about 25 seconds per horizontal division and 20MB/s vertically while the ethernet throughput graph is about 3.9 seconds per horizontal division showing a total visible duration of 60 seconds. So the Ethernet graph corresponds to the rightmost 2 divisions of activity on the copy graph. It is not intuitive how the copy graph computes the moving average transfer speed. It stops moving when the transfer speed goes to zero. I do not see anything in the PC that could be causing the slowdowns in the transfer. The CPU has hardly any loading and there is no other traffic on the local network.

Is everyone having similar performance with your MyCloud drives? If not, I would really appreciate any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this.

I have seen this on 2 My Clouds and also My Cloud Mirror

Note that the hard drive used on the My Cloud devices are NOT SSD drives as such there will always be a speed issue copying the data from/to an SSD drive from the My Cloud.

Second there are numerous reasons why copying data may be slower or faster for one person versus another or even on different computers on the same network.

One generally gets different copying speeds if copying one single large file versus a lot of small files.

Copying across the My Cloud’s USB port also is slow for most people.

One can use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to see there are lots of complaints, comments, discussion on copying speed on the WD My Cloud.

For starters see the following thread discussion as a starting point:

Yes, I read Ralphael’s post before running my experiments. I just want to see if my speed problems are universal.
I followed Ralphael’s suggestion to turn off DLNA Media Streaming and the iTunes Server and rebooted the MyCloud unit. It is done in MyCloud Dashboard via Settings/Media. Now I am getting excelllent copy speeds. There are no more pauses in the transfer. Copy of the same 2GB file from MyCloud --> SSD transferred at 103.8MB/s and SSD --> MyCloud at 83.3MB/s. This is better than I expected.

Here are the same graphs for the 2 transfers…

MyCloud–>SSD (it was too quick for task manager to switch the vertical scale)


Wow your speeds are fast compared to what I used 2 TB My cloud over wifi
3 and 4 Mb’s over wifi at best.
Maybe push to 7 Mb’s if I changed the router to a 5 Ghz.

I did transfer with 1 Gig as a test back and fourth using IOS and OSX about 6 mins both ways on a lump 1 Gig.

Too slow for my needs unfortunately wifi is no where near the speeds of a direct cable or using WAN like say the cloud etc.

I stand to be corrected, but from my working knowledge fast LAN over wifi for use has not been invented as of yet.

Fast like same as USB 3 which I would have thought is old and dated now.