Have backed up desired files, Anywhere says that it restored

I have backed up files from certain folders on our server - everything seems to have gone OK. I can see the files listed in the restore window. As a test I choose to restore a file and the program does and reports that it did - but I cannot find it. If I try to restore again it asks if I want to overwrite it, I say yes but same results - I don’t see the file using win file explorer. Has anyone had similar experience?

Also I try to install the Anywhere backup SW on my PC and it says can’t install on 64-bit OS. The PC that I backed up from is 64-bit. Question is can I find a 64-bit version of Anywhere?

the version of Anywhere that I am using is on our server, as mentioned a 64-bit machine, running Windows Server 2008 R2. The PC that I am wanting to install Anywhere on is Win 7 64. Thanks in advance for any help!

WD Anywhere Backup will restore files to a specific folder set under settings. You will need to locate said folder in order to find restored files unless you selected the option to restore to the original location.

The latest version of WD Anywhere Backup (12/09) is available from the following link: