Restore Individual Files

How can I restore individual files from WD My Book World Edition II?

I have backed up using WD Anywhere Backup.  My files are in a folder “memeo”.  The backed - up files seem to be compressed. For example 001.jpg becomes 001.jpg.files and is smaller than the original.  I have tried copy and paste,  An Excel files seems to copy and paste OK, but copies JPEGS are quite a lot smaller than their originals?  Is there a way to restore individual files fully without restoring the whole backed drive.

Similarly, is it possible to extract a file from the back - up and copy over to a different PC.

thanks for advice.

Now solved, I think.  Through this “WD Community” I realised that the version of the WD Anywhere Backup software I had (from the CD) was old.  Does not work properly with Windows 7 64 Bit.  As recommended in the “WD Community”, I downloaded the latest version of the software (4.50.6554), and it seems to work now.

Thanks to the people who originally posted the information about this problem.