Restoring under Windows 7

Hi all,

I have recently purchased a 2TB World Edition NAS Drive from WD.

My chosen files have been backed up (a specific photos folder, and my “My Documents” designated harddrive) and they being successfully backed up in the background.

However, when I open the WD Anywhere Backup, select a Backup Plan, and click “View and Restore” I get the following error message:

“WD Anywhere Restore cannot be run under this versino of Windows.”

The version of Windows I am using is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and obviously whilst this error message is coming up, the program may aswell stop backing up my files, as it wont let me restore them should I want to!

Please advise!

Thanks in advance,



I discovered the same problem and found out that the version of the WD Anywhere Backup software I had (from the CD) was old.  I downloaded the latest version (4.50.6554), and it seems to work now. 


Interesting that. I installed the WDTV on one of my other computers which runs Windows XP, and when I ran it for the first time it requested an update. Yet when I installed the software on my W7 computer, it never requested the update. Is there a way to prompt the program itself to find an update or should I download the latest from the webpage?

Thanks for your help,

Just found the “Check for updates” option on the software and it says i’m up to date. I also checked, and I have version 3.50…

Am now downloading the “” file from the WD website.

Just finished. Works as expected.

Thankyou very much for solving my problem!