Restore Not Working - Help Please

When I try to restore from my backup, the “Getting information on backup files. Please Wait.” window freezes up (Progress bar goes away and the window just turns white) The window never closes and no files are restored. I am selecting a backup plan that is stored on the My Book World Edition within the backup directory. I tell the program to restore files to their orginal location. It starts the Getting Info window but that is it. Searching the help files doesn’t seem to yield any results. Help please

Can you retrieve the files to specific folder instead of your original location?  Also, what version of WD Anywhere Backup do you have on your computer now?

I am having the same problem.

If I try to restore to ‘my desktop’,  the program makes a folder icon on the desktop, but the folder is empty, and the ‘getting information on backup files’ window is just blank/white.

I am running Windows SP3 Pro, and using WD Anywhere Backup version 3.50.4592

My entire digital life is on the drive, can you help?


After registering my contact details, I was allowed to get the Anywhere backup version 4.50.6554

That fixes the white/blank window. BUT restoring seems hard going.

The program insists on asking  to overwrite old icons/images of  various applications. A window pops up and asks, would you like to overwrite ‘abc_123.bmp’? Arrr? Who? Moving the question window down, I find its an application file.

Not wanting to overwrite new files with old, I press ‘No’, then question, then ‘no’, …

20 'no’s later, I press ‘No to all’ button… 

Seconds later I get a ‘0 files restored’ - Job done.

Exactly, nothing restored…

I’ll try again. I’ve been attempting  this ‘restore’ for 4 hours now!

Ok… so… progress so far…

If you get the ‘confirm overwrite’ for application icons etc… you have to ‘overwrite’ them  by pressing ‘yes’ or ‘yes to all’.  Pressing ‘no to all’ is not a good idea. - For some reason nothing is restored -

You may be retro fitting some application icons… but you can just reinstall them I guess.

On my second attempt… pressing ‘yes to all’ seems to be having the desired effect… my digital life is returning…YES!

I cross my fingers. :slight_smile: