Has the Gen 2 been officially dropped?

Hi Everyone.

Does anyone know if the Gen 2 has been officially dropped as is the Gen 1?

It’s been 3 quarters since the last firmware update.  Looks like WD are letting the product slip to end of life so they don’t have to invest in any firmware updates.  There’s plenty of updates for the live etc…

The only real problem I have with it is the really bad colour space problem for unflagged content.  If that was fixed I’d be happy with the unit.  I don’t seem to suffer heavily from the stuttering problems that most are reporting on the forum.



A good guess would be yes!! Tell all your friends, coworkers do online reviews about the lack of WD support for thier paying customers.

I used to buy many WD Hardrives for customers during a calendar  year, no more !

With 4 similar products now available my monies on some form of consolidation.

Sensible option would be to discontinue the pointless “Mini” which is a very limited product and merge the 2 “Live” products.

This would leave the WDTV HD & WDTV Live aimed at 2 different markets and price points.

But that would be sensible !