2+TB HDD Problem solved for newer models - can we expect a solution for WD HD TV Gen 1?


I am glad to hear the the new Firmware solved the problems with HDD larger than 2TB. Sadly there is no update (yet?) to my WD HD TV model, which I think is Gen1. Does anybody have  a solution to the HDD size problem with this model? can we expect a new firmware aswell? the last one is from 2009

thank you for your help!

greetings from Vienna

I would doubt that any firmware will be released for the Gen2, and definately not for the Gen1…

thank you for your reply!

are there any alternative solutions to this situation?

i have read suggestions concerning other players like to formating the entire 3tb hdd in fat32.

tbh i am sceptical but the alternative is simply not to use my new hd at all which was quote disappointing.

I don’t know.   Might try searching or posting in the ARCHIVES to see what owners of the Gen1 are doing…