Harddisk Issue

Hi guys,

Need your advise here.

Currently my WD Passport 2TB external harddisk is facing some issue.

Upon copying some files into the harddisk, it just keep getting stuck at 80/90%. Same thing happen even I tried transferring files from other computer.

If I cancel the process, the window will freeze and I cant even end task. I will need to unplug the cable out.

I already tried chkdsk :smiley: /F on it and took almost a day to finish scanning. But after that I kept getting error 0x8007045D during transferring files.

please advise on what should I do now :frowning:

Note: HDD is still under warranty

Hello there,

Have you tried to connect the unit to a different USB port or used a different USB cable to see if you get the same result?

Yes, I did try that as well.

Still facing same problems as mentioned earlier. :frowning:

I just bought the harddisk not too long (less than a year)

Go to thwWD site  and download Digital Life Guard and test the drive with that.


Hi Joe_S,

Downloaded Digital Life Guard and ran extended test resulted in error message “Too Many Bad Sectors Detected”

Hey guys,

Any ideas what should I do now? :frowning: