Error copying data to my My Passport external drive

I have a Western Digital My Passport 2 TB external hard drive that started acting up last week. I tried copying some files to the drive and noticed that it was freezing up. I safely removed the drive and reconnect it; after reconnecting I got a prompt to check the disk which I allowed the system to do. After running for about two hours and wasn’t moving I again disconnected the drive and reconnected it. Since that time I have not been able access the drive. It shows up in my computer but I cannot see any file on it.

I then started a chk disk and left it over-night, after returning the system seemed to have shut down on the chk disk process. After restarting the machine the system take a long time for the drive to be recognised in my computer and you cannot see any file. After trying a number of suggestion including using Linux and was not able to resolve the problem. I eventually formatted the drive and then used a data recovery software to recover some of the data from the file.

After all that was done I’m now trying to save data to the drive again only this time I’m getting an error that states “error ox800701e3: the request failed due to a fatal hardware error”. I have done check disk and scan disk and havent found any problem. Can someone help me with this problem please

After downloading the western digital firmware update and applying it to the drive, I was able to access it. However, it took 30 minutes to copy a simple 19mb file to the drive. Key to know however, is that if I try to copy any big file then the error reoccurs.

Once the file exceeds say 50MB then the error “error ox800701e3: the request failed due to a fatal hardware error” appears.

SAME stuff. I have a 5T drive to offload an entire 1.3T icloud. It went, but I am trying to copy it into bite sized chunks on to a 2T drive… by year or by months in some cases. So you are telling me I will always get the error if it is larger than 500Mb? Should I try moving smaller sizes bits? They are YEARS of photos and movies… Or Just spend another week downloading the whole Icloud? What is the WD firmware? Bought the drives this month.


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