Error code 0x800701E3

Every time I attempt to copy or move documents or files from ‘My Documents’, ‘My Pictures’ or flash drives to my WD hard drive I am shown the following message: “_ Error 0x800701E3: the request failed due to a fatal device hardware error _”. This does not occur when moving such documents to any other area of my set-up. Can this be rectified or is the WD hard drive in need of replacement?

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I’d recommend running a diagnostic test using Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics or WD Drive Utilities after replacing the USB cable. If the device fails the test then it should be replaced under warranty.

RMA instructions are available in the following link:

Hi, I just bought a WD 6TB My Book. I transferred about 2 tb of files with no problem.  A day later, occasionally when transferring a file it will give me the error code 0x800701E3 - request failed due to a fatal harware error. Then a box comes up that says, Skip, Try Again or Cancel. When I click Try Again, it works.

I have a few other WD 2tb and 1tb passports and never had a problem. When I first got all of them, I don’t download any of the features it comes with. I don’t need security and I’d rather backup whatever I want instead of having it done on a schedule. Was there something I should have downloaded or updated for the My Book? 

Please help. Thank you.

Hi Jeggers!

Simple fix: format drive using exFAT instead of NTFS.

I encounter the same error code when trying to copy “My Music” library from my internal drive to my WD Passport 2 TB. However, I can copy files FROM My Passport TO the internal drive just fine. I only encounter when copying from internal to external.