Hard Drive Size?

Hello all,

Newbie question…just received my new My Cloud Home Duo (12TB). I was lucky enough (or possibly unlucky) to pick up a re-certified Home Duo from a flash sale on the WD store page.

I set it all up this evening. Upon using the app the hard drive only shows as 6TB and not 12TB is this to be expected? is this a RAID thing? Or have Western Digital sent me the wrong product?

It’s a RAID thing.

The device will have 2x 6TB drives in it, so they advertise it as a 12TB device. However in RAID1 (the default configuration on shipping) everything gets mirrored, so the same data is written twice, once to each drive. Hence you actually appear to only have 6TB capacity.

If you want the full 12TB capacity, then you need to use one of the other modes (RAID0, JBOD etc) but in doing so you’ll loose the mirroring feature and potentially be vulnerable to data loss if one of the drives fails.


Thank You - decisions…hmmm??? I guess I will keep in RAID1.