Hello, I have two problems, connection and harddisk space

The harddisk is recognized by Windows, it is displayed on network paths.
First problem :
I have 6tb of space but if I look at the properties it tells me that I have only 2.62tb.
Second problem is:
I cannot in any way make the backup, WD Backup does not see the harddisk, I installed Acronis True Image for Western Digital and also this software does not see the harddisk.
Besides the one proposed on the manufacturer’s website, I also followed this guide step by step but without having a solution.(WD My Cloud Windows 10 Cannot Access | 10 Solutions)
Thanks to anyone who can help me

Your 6TB version is composed by 2 HD of 3TB.
My Cloud Home Duo can be configured in two ways:

  • JBOD Full Disk Capacity about 6TB
  • RAID 1 (Mirror Mode) Capacity limited about 3TB
    In the first case you use all the capacity the but if one of the two HD breaks you lost all your files.
    In the second case you have a limited space (about half) but the two HD contains the same files so if one of the two HD breaks you can recover your files.
    My Cloud Home doesn’t support WD Backup. I never tried Acronis but I think is not supported.