Had red power light replaced cable still cant connect to computer

Have had My Cloud Mirror for 6 months and all was well. Suddenly, today, the power light on the unit went solid red. Nothing in the manual about this. Found (eventually) Answer 13175 and worked through that. Thankfully had a spare cable, and when I used that I got a nice green light at the back and a nice blue light at the front.
My router can now see the wired connection as
However, when I try to connect a network drive the computer cannot see the drive, I have tried to connect as\Public this fails.
The drive is only 40% full.
The WD Link utility also cannot see the device.
What can I do next?

Can you access the Dashboard? Can you access the unit using the WD My Cloud desktop or mobile app?

No and No.

Found the problem was the cable. Once I replaced that things started to
work again (eventually).