Gspeed XL - Major problem - Reward

I have a studio XL 8 bay. 40Tb drive. Drive # 4 of my drives was blinking red. We did not power down and removed drives 7,8 with out powering down. as a result the drive will not come back online. I called tech support and they can not help. The studio software version I have is Ver 2.00.5200.10
Im running M1 Mac. latest Sonoma 14.3. The software see’s the drive but the physical dive, disk array, and logical drive bars show no information. There is a report with the problems and all the things done incorrectly. I can send that to you if needed.
Im despersate to get this data back. Its my archive of 5 years of work. Can anyone please help me? Im willing to pay anyone who can help me get this drive back online. Yes I can do a recovery of each drive but I fear data will get lost. PLEASE PLEASE help me Im not a technical person. We made a huge mistake.

I tried on an intell mac and same results