G Speed Studio XL not recognized anymore


I was transferring files from a gspeed 1tb EV drive to the studio XL raid itself in the EV slot. It suddenly stopped working. It said something like “Disk Not Ejected Properly”. But I din’t unmount/eject or touched the thunderbolt cable.

It lost connection with my mac pro, when I shutdown my mac pro, it just stays on as well. Tried a different thunderbolt cable.

Can’t see it in disk utility, and G-Technology Assistant says monitoring or scanning for drives or something like that when i reboot my mac pro.

Is there a code i can try in terminal to mount it again?
G logo is stable white, drives are normal. no leds blinking

Mac pro 2013
El capitan 10.11.5

Thanks in advance!

Just unplugged the thunderbolt cable, it doesn’t go in standby moded

I can’t turn it off either. The only way to turn it off is by unplugging it, but I’m afraid to harm it that way, so I’m not doing that now.

Hello Willem,

Based on what you describe the enclosure doesn’t seem to be indicating a hardware problem as the status light hasn’t turned red. I would suggest calling our support center so that we can begin troubleshooting and / or replacing if under warranty.