G Speed Shuffle XL mounting issues on Mac


Hi, I have a Mac Pro 2013 running 10.11.6. The Shuffle XL doesn’t mount at random. Sometimes it mounts on startup, sometimes doesn’t and I’d have to unplug and plug the TB2 cable to get it running. This becomes annoying at times and I worry it can corrupt the files due to sudden power turning off. Is there are way to manually force it to mount by a terminal command? Thanks!


No terminal command would seek it for mount. Do you have any other TB cables you can try? Have you tried using both ports on the back of the unit? maybe one has a weaker connection to the system than the other.

If the enclosure is acting this way and its not a cable issue and you’re under warranty with the unit we can replace the enclosure only. You would keep your drives and send in the housing.

If you need to go that route you can create an RMA on our site and use the chassis SN on the bottom of the unit.
G-Technology RMA

Make sure if you do this, despite the email telling you to include everything. In this case do not. Only send the empty chassis, no drives, no cables.