New G-Speed RAID XL not recognized


I have just purchased a new G-Speed XL 24 TB drive with Thunderbolt 2 and transferred a lot of my personal and professional data to this drive. The drive was configured as RAID 0 with all the 8 internal disks working together as one single larger drive.

The drive had been connected to my Mac Pro (Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4). I disconnected the drive from the Mac Pro and connected it to my Powerbook Pro 13" (Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4) because I wanted to back up some of the data in my notebook. The notebook displayed a pop window stating the drive wasn’t recognized and asking if I wanted to initialize it. I disconnected it and connected it back to my Mac Pro. The Mac Pro now displays the same pop window stating it can’t recognized the drive and asking if I want to initialize it.

I have a lot of really important data on this RAID drive. Has anyone had experience with this problem and how to fix it ?

Thank you in advance,


With that error it means partition corruption. It won’t mount unless you clean the corruption, either by erasing the drive and starting over or attempting to repair it with a 3rd party tool such as Disk Warrior if the drive was left formatted as MAC OS Extended.

Out of the box these units are not RAID0 and are RAID5, so you must have changed it in that case did you keep the Mac OS Extended format or did you change it to exFAT?


Thank you for your reply to my post.

Erasing the drive is not an option. I have a huge amount of important professional and personal data on the drive that is presently only in that drive. The loss of that data would be nothing short of catastrophic.

I have purchase Disk Warrior and ran it just now. The drive doesn’t even show up. It does show up in Disk Utility but under a name different from the one I assigned when I first configured the drive. The name I assigned was GTECH 24TB RAID (or something similar) and the name that appears now in disk utility is HGST G-SPEEDShuttleXL Media.

I did configure the drive in RAID 0. The G-Technology utility that came with the drive wasn’t as easy to use as I believe it should have been so in order to avoid any mistakes I called your technical support department and had one of your technicians walk me through all the steps to create the RAID O configuration until it was done. The formatting was done using Mac OS Extended.

I wish to highlight the fact that this drive was purchased only a few weeks ago but was actually only used for one week. The drive was only opened one week before the incident when I connected it and began to transfer / back-up my data.

Thank you.

If the drive was formatted Mac OS Extended then Disk Warrior should be able to see it an repair it as well.

Please call in to support so we can have an agent discuss the process in real time. We will need to see how it is showing up in the Software Utility