G-Speed Studio XL DEAD

Hi all,

I’ve been running my G-Speed Studio XL ev for about a year with no problems configured as a RAID 5. I ejected the array, waited for icons to remove off my MacBook Pro desktop, and then pulled the thunderbolt plug. From there I noticed the Studio XL did not power down as it usually does and had a whole array of red lights.

Any suggestions on how to get this thing back in working order? It won’t mount on my desktop anymore (or disk utilities) but it does show in System Report as connected. My separate ev drive mount normally.

Thanks in advance!


Please call in to our phone support for further assistance with this. After it is ejected and the icon disappears you should have no issues removing the cable. Make sure you have the G-Speed Studio Software Utility installed when you call in so they can assist you further. 888.426.5214

Thanks @Rydia. I actually got it back up and running by using a technique you provided to another user in July (G tech studio XL EV 24TB CRASH - #3 by Willem_Tiemersma).

Rydia WD StaffJ ul 19:

Willem, Here are the steps to try:

Open Terminal

Type in gspeed2util to launch CLI utility.

Enter the command: phydrv –a online –px and press return. (Where x is the physical drive ID i.e Slot 1-4 or 1-8)

Repeat the command for any drives listed as dead in the GUI.

The G logo should go white and the drive LED’s should change from red to blue.

Restart the Computer

After this the drive should mount and be usable. Make sure that if you have important data on here that it isn’t the only location the data is stored. If you feel the RAID is unstable at this point you can delete the array and create a new one, but the system should be fine after this.

Let us know if this doesn’t fix the issue.