Red LED on 1 HDD in G-Speed Studio XL

Since last week one of the drives in our Studio XL has a blinking red led. I switched the drive into another slot but it was still blinking.

I checked in the software utility and found this:

  • In Physical Drive List it says one of the HDD’s is dead!
  • Disk Array tells me 1 LD is degraded
  • Logical Drive is critical

What I was doing before the led started to blink:
The past weeks I have been creating a backup from 1 Studio XL to this Studio XL. The backup will be around 9TB when its done. I have been doing this every day for around 10 hours but it is not yet finished.

The G-Speed studio XL is still usable in windows but I am very worried. Is there anything I can do myself to resolve this?

Hope you can help.

One of the drives has been marked as dead and in most cases is a false positive flag that can be fixed using the terminal.

However if the unit has been in use since the drive was marked as dead then the data on the unit is no longer in sync and is considered stale. This means if you were to put the drive back online it could cause corruption going forward.

So your first step is to offload the data that you need to another location. Then delete the existing RAID in the software utility and create a new one. Then you can transfer the data back to the unit.

Hi Rydia, thanks for the reply.

That’s good and bad news.

In this case the data that I need to offload is around 20TB, and I don’t have enough free space to do this.
If I don’t offload the data and put the drive back online, do I run the risk of corrupting all 20TB of these files? Or will this happen only to the most recent changes?

Best regards,

Manoli Tsigonakis

The most recent changes would be the biggest chance at being effected by it but it could happen to the whole partition.

Is it okay if I contact you directly by phone, so we can talk about this in more detail before I put the drive back online?

Yes you can call in to our support in the US 888.426.5214. Any of the agents can assist you.

Thanks very much