3 of 4 drives offline (G-Speed Studio R 12 TB)

Does anyone here have any suggestions…

The buzzer on my G-Speed Studio R drive went off and the G-Speed Studio Software Physical Drive List shows the status of drives 1, 2 & 4 are now listed as “dead”. The smart status of the drives all indicate “OK”.

I erased the logical drive in hopes of rebuilding the disk array but without success. The disk array’s status is “Degraded” (in orange, grayed out) . On the system status the physical drive has a red “X” and the disk array has an orange “!”. The logical drive was originally in red, but once I erased the logical drive a check mark appears. All the other categories indicate a blue check mark.

What should I do next? It seems unheard of for three enterprise-level drives to go bad at the same time. Something else must have happened, perhaps with something inside the G-Studio itself?

I purchased the drive August 15, 2016 and put it into service two weeks ago. No problems up till this morning. If you have any ideas, I’d be grateful for them. Thanks very much! Ron