GSpeed Studio XL Drive Degraded

We had a drive that was removed from the chassis, due to a user testing the RAID configuration. He removed the drive and rebooted the MacPro and GStudio chassis, and inserted the drive. Now the drive shows up RED, and degraded in the Graid Config software. How can we reformat the drive, and add it back into the array? THanks

When logged into the G-Speed Software you can go to the Disk Array tab and click rebuild. It should allow you to do so without any other steps since this drive was part of the RAID prior.

Rydia, this is the error. Is it possible the drive was compromised, when it was removed from the Chassis? Thanks

Yes, It would be classified as dead. If there is no data on the unit yet that is needed it would be best to delete the entire Array and start over with a new RAID5.

There was data on the drive, and to test the RAID config, one of our techs pulled that drive, while it was online. When he plugged the drive back in, it came up with that error message.

Have you tried to go to Disk Array tab and rebuild the device?

We are having an issue with access to that tab . . it may be the software was loaded under the admin account (on a MacPro), and the account our user is on has non elevated privileges. Is that possible?

The account you’re on shouldn’t have an issue, in order to access to any tab you need to click the padlock and log into the device with the admin password on the computer.