G-Speed Studio R Red LED One Drive Dead - Help!

Hi All

I have a 16TB G-Speed Studio R (4x drives) set up in raid 0. I am getting a red LED on drive 4 and ‘Drive Dead’ and ‘Degraded’ warnings in the G-Speed utility (pics attached).

I have read on this forum that the drive itself is often not the problem and the bay can be reset using Terminal. However the initial command ‘gspeed2util’ to bring up the G-Speed details in Terminal is not working for me - I just get ‘command not found’.

Can anyone please help with this? (I’m not an expert with Terminal).

I’m on a 2014 retina i-mac 10.14.6.


Hi JohnGilluley,
have a look at below article which addresses exactly the issue you are describing and gives a full description with screen shots:

Hopefully this helps.