Bottom red LED on solid only when in protected mode

Hi, I have an 8Tb G SPEED Q RAID on a Mac platform. It was working quite happy in protected RAiD mode but I thought I’d like to format it to performance mode. Now, sometime later I would like to re-configure back to protected mode but after I do, it doesn’t appear on the desktop of my Mac nor in Disk Utility and there is a red light on solid towards the bottom of the unit. All other lights look fine. The manual suggest this might be because of an internal component failure or over-heating, yet when I reconfigure back to performance mode the red light goes out and it mounts as an 8Tb drive on my Macs desktop. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

How did you have the unit attached when converting the RAID? It is suggested to attach it over USB when you do the configuration. You can then recycle the power on the device and format it in the Disk Utility.

Thanks for the speedy response. I have been doing it via firewire but I will try your suggestion now.

You’re a star, that worked - thanks. For anyone else who may be interested, it took forever (well a couple of minutes) for the configurator to find the drive via usb whereas it was almost instantaneously under firewire. But it reconfigured fine and the red light went out after it came back up to speed. Thanks again for your help.