I panicked and made several mistakes on my G-Studio

I’ve had my G-Studio 4 bay drive since February 2018 and loved it. I have it set up as a RAID 5.

This afternoon i got a warning on my G-Studio saying “PSU 5V power is out of the threshold range”, Then the G symbol went red and all the hard drives went offline saying “Physical disk is marked as DEAD due to forced offline state”.

I thought something horrible happened and i lost all my files. I did not see WD Staff member Rydia’s solution to go into the terminal and force online the hard drives before I did the following…

…I thought I could maybe reformat one drive and if I stuck it back in it would force the system to repair itself? Since it’s a RAID 5. I don’t know, i panicked.

Well that solution did not work for many obvious reasons. So AFTER i saw Rydia’s solution, i was able to get all the offline drives online. However my problem is that my logical drive won’t open and says “Mount disk3 fail: This disk does not have any mounted volume”.

How do I solve this? Have I screwed it up too much now? Is there a way I can have the other 3 drives rebuild the 4th one that I so dumbingly reformated?


I will be calling the support line tomorrow as well but I’m hoping you see this Rydia since you seem to have answers.

Thank you!

Basically due to the steps you took before putting them back online the formatted drive is no longer in sync with the drives. The RAID is unusable in its state. You will need to delete the entire RAID and start new.

The process is pretty simple.

  1. Into the Disk Array tab and delete the existing RAID array.
  2. Go to Wizard and select advanced. Choose the 4 drives and click Next, then make sure you select RAID5 and click the Add button. Continue through the Wizard just clicking next until the end and Submit. No other changes to the Wizard are necessary as you will be using the default choices.

This will now build the RAID, it will take many hours to complete and you can check the progress in the Background Activities tab (Synchronization)

Hi Rydia,

Thank you for the quick response. Is there a way I can rebuild the drive? Or is my only option to wipe it and lose the data and build it from scratch?


If the drive isn’t currently mounted already then a rebuild won’t change that. The rebuild only puts the protection back into the RAID. If the RAID was just degraded only then it would still be mounted and usable.

If that is the case then you can attempt a rebuild by setting the drive reporting dead as ‘unconfigured’ in the Physical drive tab. Then you can use the Disk Array tab and you can click Rebuild.