G-Raid Studio G logo blinking Red 3X. Power failure?

Hello G-Tech, WD, and friends,

My tale starts off with a G-Technology G-Raid Studio 6TB Thunderbolt 2 (0G04418 Kit) that shut down mid-session. Luckily this particular drive was a personal collection of studio projects and does not belonged to a paying client. When the drive shut down It seemed like the power was shut off. When I tried to turn on the drive via the power button on the back the G Logo blinks 3 times Red. I think this is a power failure or controller failure.
My question is!!!

If it’s a power failure can I repair the chassis?? This item is discontinued and rare on eBay so I don’t believe I will be able to buy another exact complete drive or the chassis separately (0G04430 chassis). I would like to move the drive to another enclosure all together. But how do I make sure the controller is matching or compatible. Since I need a matching controller to Decipher my Raid-0 stripe, how can I go about tracking one down? Can WD provide me with a replacement controller? Or the identity of the controller along with what other information I would need to do my own hunting?

The data is not worth a 1500 data recovery bill but it is worth me fighting to regain.

In my heart of hearts i feel placing these two drives in a caddy with raid protocols built in and perhaps some
Software to mimic the matching controller I should be able to pull the data off this striped Raid-0 nightmare!

Thanks for you attention.