Dead hard drive question


Hello. I bought a G Speed Shuttle Thunderbolt 3 48TB hard drive.

I noticed a dreaded red light on the front and opened the G utility.

The message that was dated 4 days after I had starting using it is “Physical disk is marked as DEAD due to forced offline state.” I searched for that phrase and didn’t find anything here.

Is there simply something I need to do to bring it back online or do I need to replace the entire drive?

The logical disk has been set to critical as well, I’m guessing b/c the system is down one drive.

Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks.


The recommendation is to transfer any data off the device you need and then attempt a rebuild within the software utility on the Disk Array tab.

It is unlikely the drive is actually a crashed drive in the need of replacement. You can also call in for further assistance.


Thanks for the tip. When I click on the Disk Array, it has 0 byte capacity, media patrol is enabled, number of LD’s is 1 and then status is “degraded.”

When I click rebuild, the source physical drive is Array0, Seq No1: 10.91TB and it is the only choice in the drop down. The Target Physical Drive says “there is no PD of adequate capacity” and when I click on “confirm” again, I get an error type message in red saying “There is no data to submit.”

Am I missing a step?



Please call in to support for assistance in this situation. The drive will likely need to be placed back online via a Terminal command.