Replacing failed disk in G-RAID w/Thunderbolt 2

One of the disks in my G-RAID unit failed, so I ordered a bare drive to replace it. As far as I know, this is what I need to do to install it and rebuild the RAID array (the unit is set up for RAID1):

  1. Remove failed drive from G-RAID unit
  2. Swap mounting chassis from failed drive to replacement drive
  3. Install new drive into G-RAID
  4. Power up G-RAID

Do I need to format the new drive for Mac before installing it into the G-RAID?
Does the G-RAID start rebuilding on its own once it’s powered back up (which is what the manual suggests), or do I need to run the configurator utility?


You will just need to the launch the configurator software. The same one you used to set it to RAID1, then select the drive that is listed with a D added. That stands for Degraded. Once chosen then just click rebuild and it will start the process.