GoodSync problem and my cloud ex2 since Cloud OS 5 update

Since switching to the OS 5 cloud update, the GoodSyng software no longer has access to the NAS, I can no longer make my backups. Strangely enough, I have access to nas and files with “Goodsync explorer”
firmware version: 5.05.111
goodsync ver:
error code “Error 5”
in picture:

thank you for your comeback

Did you also update the GoodSync app on the NAS to the OS5 version?

Contact GoodSync support team with the info -

yes I installed the version provided with the installation of Cloud OS 5 (See Image)

And on the computer I have this version, the free version WD (see image)
GoodSyncComputer W10
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Problem solved, you had to recreate the account with the NAS information in goodsync explorer, which allows you to access the configuration of your NAS.

MyCloudEX4100 + os5 + GSyncro ver

This “application” is serious?
or WD is maiking a joke from the customers?

I spend hours to install it and there is serverl problems starting for licencing.
MyCloudEX4100 + os5 + GSyncro ver

Pour moi cela fonctionne bien, ce n’est pas une arnaque, il faut juste bien la configurer, et la version WD est limité à une synchronisation, par exemple un disque ou une partition, libre à toi de tout archiver sur cette partition ou sélectionnez une partie de cette partition