GoodSync - functional alternatives?

Prior to the change to OS 5 I was using WD Sync to very effectively (if not completely unproblematically) real time sync around 10 different folders across different drives on my EX2 Ultra, two Win 10 desktops, one Win 10 laptop, android phone (just photos) and tablet. OS 5 has removed this option (yes, I should have read the release notes) so I am now trying to find a replacement.

GoodSync is out of the question as unless I am prepared to pay £30 per year (not sure what that gets me), the “free” WD version is not capable of doing more than one sync job, so I can’t easily sync multiple folders across different drives (unless someone knows better).

freefilesync seems an option, but it appears quite complex and seems to require a series of batch files to be run to do real time syncing. The learning curve, for me, seems pretty high with this one.

Has anyone tried anything else (with an emphasis on user friendly) that can do the simple tasks WD Sync did in a similar straightforward way? If not, then this may be the time to move to QNAP or Synology I think.

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Prova con Resilio sync (un pò costoso) oppure Aomei Backupper

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Thanks for that.

AOMEI Backupper looks great and at first glance just what I am looking for, but then this happens:

I’ve tried changing the password, but that didn’t help.
This is the frustrating thing. I am prepared to spend time tinkering with software, but the rest of my family who I have set up user spaces on the NAS for, will not. I need something, like WD Sync, that is very straightforward and doesn’t need technical knowhow (or not much of it) to use.

@SteveC21 make sure that your firmware is on 5.05.111 then go to Settings and change Windows Protocol to SMB1,SMB2,SMB3 and then set NTLMv1 and NTLMv2 and try the login again.


it works fine for me, try with static DSN

only at the first access it asks for the password

Managed to get it to work now by not using the tools option to set up the NAS. So, will try this out for a while and see how it goes.

But let’s not forget, Synology, QNAP, etc. provide sync software built in to their devices (this kind of support is why NAS boxes are relatively expensive for what they contain) and don’t expect you to purchase third party software for each device you want to sync your NAS with. That is what I was doing with WD Sync and it wasn’t painless and wasn’t perfect, but it was fine for my needs. Now I am looking at having to pay upwards of £30 for each machine I am using to achieve the same simple ends. And if I use GoodSync that is per machine per year. Add all that up and I might as well buy a more expensive NAS that will work faster and do more. But I don’t need a more expensive machine, I just need this one to do what it did until yesterday.

The reality is we bought a NAS to save and sync our computers and cellphones. We should have a syncing tool out of the box. A personal Dropbox, without fee. We must not be content with a crappy third party application.


So, AOMEI Backupper isn’t bad, but in order to have real time syncing I need to purchase the professional version that’s around £40 per machine, so a cost of £120 just for my own machines. If I add in my son’s and daughter’s laptops, that’s another £80.

Ebay currently have a deal on the QNAP TS-251B that makes it around £220. Now just have to decide. :thinking:

Ended up buying a Qnap TS-251D, which is very, very good. The EX2 Ultra is now on Ebay UK if anyone is interested - good condition, only a year old!


I use Resilio Sync on my EX4100. I was never able to get WD Sync to work consistently.

Resilio Sync has (had? I have owned it for years) a Home Pro license and when devices are linked, the automatic sync works well.

I think WD has messed with it a couple of times as I have had to re-link devices.


I am looking for a way to do the same, I have a 16Tb EX2 Ultra, and I am planning to sync with my brother’s 16Tb EX2 Ultra (that’s why I convinced him to buy the same NAS with the same specs!). By Syncing what I am planning is copying everything from my NAS to his and vice-versa, but keeping thins separated (his files and my files not shared with each other).
I looked at Resilio, seems good…
What do you guys suggest me?


Resilio is great, also take a look at Carbonite and Gs Richcopy 360. All can handle your requests

Have you tried with RealTimeSync? it is an open source software available for Windows, Mac OS and LInux.

Can sb tell me how can I sync with resilio? I installed it in wd mycloud but I cant see the folders through my cloud. Can sb give me a little guidance? Thanks