[SOLVED] Ex4100 to ex4100 using good sync

Hi All,

I am getting very frustrated here so please some one help.

I have two EX4100’s

1 has all the files

Im using Good Sync to backup and sync from one to the other

Some files are fine some say: server: Access is denied. (error 5)

I used WinSCP to make sure all files have 777 permissions

What am I missing?

Is it the permission from the user on the NAS devices?

Is it the permission from the user on windows?

Thanks in Advance.

The files say Linux User is the owner. I am assuming its the user account on the EX4100. It won’t let me change the owner, it says access denied.

If anyone is interested I downloaded Take ownership pro

Selected all my files in one NAS Box and applied Take ownership pro

Once that was complete Goodsync could read my files without displaying error 5 code

I also downloaded Goodsync 9. But try Goodsync 10 first and if it doesn’t work then 9 is the answer.