GoodSync License

I’m trying to configure GoodSync but it seems that I have a TRIAL license.
Is it correct? As a sofware replacement from WD, I expect proper and ENDLESS license for “GoodSync for WD Free”
Will the TRIAL license expire?
Thanks, regards

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From memory there are two versions, check you have the free version

Thank you gibbylinks, I received email from WD and I followed the link to download the “WD” version

anyway it seems they released a fix

Version 11.1.5 - Apr 3, 2020

  • Switch product ver to 11.
  • Ver 11 uses new Account-nbased licensing scheme.
  • Show post-install page with connection instruction link and license section.
  • Web UI: fixed some server retsart + browser wait bugs.
  • Web UI: Replace HTTP-style (digest/basic) auth with form-based authentication.
  • Web UI: Form-based auth uses JS to pass hash of password, not password itself.
  • GoodSync Connect common fixes from ver 11.1.5.

now I’m trying to understand what is the proper way to update that app in NAS…

mmm no… still trial on both windows and nas program…

There are several flavours. One is free. The premium version is paid, nevertheless, you will probably get a free trial on it for a while so that you see the benefits of the extra features.
I found this matrix that clarifies the differences. (matrix is on the bottom of the page).

thank you, Rui

I already checked on that link and as far as I understood until now (but not all make sense for me):

  • referring to attached image, Goodsync for WD free supports Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS, but the link in donwload button is for the Windows version only
  • if I check on NAS, it says it is a TRIAL
  • if I check on windows software, download from proper WD link, it says that a “WD” license is required (and I agree) but I have a TRIAL license

it’s quite unclear if only the “WD license” could be granted for the windows version only, or if I can use it on NAS. Please note that I usually use Linux, so it’s quite unuseful for me a Windows version’s license

more than this in goodsync account no license is registered, trial, wd, windows, nas so I don’t understand what is included and what not

thank you again, have a nice day

licnas licwin

@alphapi, I recommend you can submit a ticket via the GoodSync desktop software and have the GoodSync team to clarify what you are seeing.

I fully agree with you. It is not clear what you get with it. I just went ahead and followed instructions. Throughout the process I was invited several times to purchase a license, which is not something I would do for a replacement product.

that said it seems to be working for me once I got the basics done:

  1. Install the GoodSync server in the MyCloud;
  2. Download the GoodSync client. But I only use Windows. Did not try other OS.

That all said I notices that when I tried to create and save a job it asks me for a license. I am wondering ig what is required is “fake” purchase of the free license. Just to entitle it to one license. Which is Free, with the basic features.

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It would appear you can only run 1 job at a time, and I won’t be buying a licence. I prefer to buy things outright, rather than pay annually for stuff.

Ciao jchen, I just opened it as suggested but in mean time have you some other details from WD regarding the agreement between them and GoodSync?

ps: I’m wondering how GS can determine if anyone that download that software is really a WD NAS owner or not… or maybe they consider all “legit” and “fake” users as “trialists” , anyway this is not fully in topic

Are we better off downloading the “Free” version. This is really disappointing from a huge company like WD

Compared to the WD version

The GoodSync Free version only supports 100 files.

Ciao, here the answer from GoodSync…

So does that mean after 30 days it gets restricted to 100 files.

I still feel we’re being suckered here. I’d much rather buy my software than enter into a recurring yearly expense.

i think there are a little misunderstanding in license agreement between WD and GS…

I just updated GS ticket as following, I hope they clarify but it’s quite “strange” that a customer like me needs to put together pieces of information between two companies… I guess they could clarify using their commerical channels as far they have signed - I guess/hope - an agreement on this software licensing…

Hi Nataxa,

I’m sorry but I’m still having a doubt.

As a Western Digital NAS owner, I should have a “WD free” license with no file limits as described here

not a “free limited” license as describe her

how can i check if a have the proper license?

And a small query regarding “goodsync for WD free” supported platforms, they are “Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS” but download link is pointing to windows version only. Can you confirm that WD license is valid for NAS version?

thank you, regards

they answered a ticket days ago said more or less that after a month the license will change so I was waiting to check but… few day ago I received this that is even more confusing…

Is that software free for WD user or not? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:



I know that this may be a bit dated, but was this issue ever sorted properly? I have just installed / setup the GoodSync client for my PR2100 and appear to be having some of the same issues as OP. I’ve just submitted a support request to GoodSync, but was hoping that someone here may have already navigated the waters appropriately.

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Same annoying issue - also PR2100…

Here’s the latest information that I got from GoodSync after a rather unpleasant support experience:

GoodSync for WD Clent Information

  • The PR2100 requires the GoodSync for WD client only.
  • There are a few other clients that may work with the device, but you’ll either have severely limited functionality, or will have to pay a recurring licensing fee.
  • Even when using the GoodSync for WD client, the license will initially show up as a “Trial” license, but should eventually update as a “WD Free” license.
  • For a few weeks after the initial license conversion, you’ll likely be prompted to purchase another license if / when you open the GoodSync client. However, you “should not” have to actually purchase one. (I’m still being prompted, but will confirm in another ~2 weeks.)
  • When using the GoodSync for WD Free client / license, you’re limited to a single regular sync job (It sort of works in my own estimation, but not the way I’d expected. (By comparison, when I first purchased the PR2100 and used the OEM sync software, I could have it run on multiple workstations and have an “on-demand” sync, a “realtime” sync, or a “scheduled” sync.)
  • In a nutshell, the client install that’s required is not very clear / straightforward and the functionality that you receive may not be what you had in the past

GoodSync Customer Support

  • I had quite the time trying to get a proper answer from GoodSync on the proper client and license to use, and the proper expectations around what should / should not work. They often responded with “canned” answers and could not quickly provide clear and concise responses via their ticketing system. (I do think that a 15 minute phone call may have been a better support experience that unnecessarily took a few days.)
  • In defense of GoodSync, the full client is likely the best solution if you’re in desperate need for more and better functionality.
  • I feel like I’ve been duped by WD given the amount of money I paid for their product with specific functionality in mind. It’s really made me think twice about buying products from them again, despite the fact that I’ve done so for well over a decade. With so many cloud-based storage services in place (OneDrive, Box, etc.) I’m more likely to switch to one of those services for day-to-day usage and use the NAS in a different manner than initially intended.
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Hello, can you confirm if your license is running or not?
Thank you!