Getting Data off Old My Cloud

I have the old WD mycloud that has run out of support. I’m trying to get old data off my hard drive. The unit is still plugged into my router and I can access it the same way I used to, with a laptop connected to the home network through the file explorer. However, I noticed today that when I click the WD mycloud, I only have access to photos, videos and music now, instead of all files. There are some pdf and word doc type files that I had saved there that I cannot figure out how to access anymore. Might be a rudimentary question, but how can I get to those files at this point?

I had trouble with my cloud OS3 after they stopped updates/service for it also.
It doesn’t appear the same in explorer but if you go to network it should still be there under “storage” you need to right click it and then select open and it should be there as before.
Note: if you double click it it’ll take you through the Internet to it and won’t show up correctly!

Hope this helps

Hmm… when I right click all I get is view device webpage, create shortcut and properties. Open isn’t one of the choices. And yes, when I double click, I get the webpage. Any thoughts on how I can get the “open” to show up?


You have posted in the wrong sub-forum. This is for a My Cloud Home.

I have the old OS3 WD My Cloud and it works fine. Disconnect from the internet and Cloud Access. If you haven’t already make your address for the My Cloud Static or Reserved so it doesn’t change.

Try this to open your My Cloud, \\WDMYCLOUD

Using File Explorer to open mine. See image below.


I don’t know what I done to get it working this is what comes up for me.
What version of windows are you using? and what firmware is your cloud using?

If you’re replying to me, cat0w, I’m not showing how to get to the Dashboard. I’m showing you how to get to your shares. See images below. Click on, tap, or activate images to enlarge them.

I have Windows 11 Pro with all updates.

Sorry for posting in wrong forum. But I figured out it. It was a problem with my Windows settings. Now it works as you guys described. Thanks everyone for pointing me in the right direction.

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