Cant get files off My Cloud device

I missed the deadline to upgrade. All i want to do is get the files on my device off and moved to my computer for now. I tried connecting it to a computer as a simple external hard drive but that did not work. How can I do this? I might buy an new My Cloud device in the future, just not at the moment. Even then, I would still need to get the files off the old device. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The My Cloud is a network attached storage device not a external USB hard drive. You cannot connect the My Cloud to your computer using the USB port on the back of the My Cloud. The My Cloud is designed and intended to be connected either to the local network by a router/gateway, network switch or network hub using an Ethernet cable, or by connecting directly to one’s computer using an Ethernet cable if that computer has a Ethernet networking port. I do not have any problems accessing a local network OS3 single bay My Cloud since the end of WD’s OS3 support this past April.

WD My Cloud OS3 End of Service

Q: Will my device stop working if I can’t upgrade to My Cloud OS 5? Will I lose access to my data?
A: After the services are shut down, you can only access the device on a local network. Access through the My Cloud OS 3 mobile app or web app won’t work. Email notifications won’t be delivered. Devices that had auto-update enabled received a final firmware update that disabled remote access and outbound traffic to cloud services. Now, support has ended and you have to use your local network to access your device.

My Cloud: Dashboard Setup a (single bay) My Cloud

My Cloud: Access When Connected Directly to a Computer

In certain cases one may have to perform a 4 second reset or a 40 second reset.

My Cloud OS 3: Pin Reset & System Only Restore a (single bay) My Cloud

For Windows users they may have to enable SMB1.0.

My Cloud OS 5, Home & My Passport Wireless: Enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support on Windows 10 & 11

How to “map” My Cloud Shares.

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For local network My Cloud access using a mobile device, one will likely have to download and install a 3rd party “file manager” app from their mobile device’s app store. The OS3 My Cloud app will no longer work to access a local network OS3 My Cloud.