G speed thunderbolt 3

Hello. Here we have a 24Tb G Speed Shuttle with thunderbolt 3, we’re having issues with the Mac Pro (2013): the computer appears to not discover the drive.

We have installed the drivers and we’re using a usb c/thunderbolt 2 adapter. Is it possible that the Mac doesn’t recognize the drive?

You need to have Thunderbolt 3 Type-C connector on you Mac Pro for it to see and configure the device RAID. If not, you will need to order drives preconfigure then insert them in to your Shuttle for it to work with Type-C to Type-A connection on your Mac Pro.

Is there a specific type of configuration?

I can use that kind of drives on my laptop (which has Type C) but the Mac Pro (2013) it’s still not recognizing the G Speed.

How can I change the connection? There is a sort of page inside the G Speed Setup application?



This is a 4 bays unit right?

I solved!I reset some settings and now it works

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