G-Speed Shuttle XL (Thunderbolt 2) on iMac Pro (Thunderbolt 3)?

I have a G-Speed Shuttle XL that is about three years old (it’s a many-thousand dollar 80 TB unit that I clearly don’t want to replace - it’s still sold new for $6399). It was connected to a 2014 iMac 27" and always worked fine. That iMac was recently replaced by an iMac Pro, which, like an increasing number of recent Macs, is Thunderbolt 3 only.

It should work with an Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter, although I am aware that it will, of course, give Thunderbolt 2 speeds. Since connecting it to the iMac Pro using the Apple adapter, it has intermittently dismounted and remounted itself (oddly, it worked for a couple of days before the problems started). Searching the forum for the problem, it could be the Thunderbolt cable - I didn’t have a second cable long enough around, but a high-quality cable arrives tomorrow. I also began to suspect the Apple adapter. I did have two of those around, and swapping adapters does not help. Is it possible that the G-Speed Shuttle XL is simply incompatible with the Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter?

If it is incompatible with the adapter, what’s the work-around? There are several non-Apple adapters on the market, most of which are more expensive than the Apple version, but clearly worth it to connect the valuable RAID. Is there one of them that G-Tech recommends for that unit? I don’t want to buy several different hundred-dollar adapters in hopes that one of them works. Alternatively, does G-Tech have a program to upgrade the Thunderbolt 2 chassis to Thunderbolt 3, either via a board swap or a return and replace program?

The Apple adapter is the best adapter to use in the situation. If it is disconnecting you’ll want to make sure you have the Energy Saver settings in your System Preferences set to not put drives to sleep. Sometimes that is the culprit.

Hi. I have the same issue. I HAVE the orriinal Apple adapter, but the speed shuttle does not show up at all. any ideas? I am pretty desperate as the support does not reply to my request and I NEED the data on the raid…