G-SPEED Shuttle TB 3 24TB Not Recognized on MacBookPro

I just received my G-SPEED Shuttle TB 3 24TB, plugged in power cord and USB-C (Shuttle) to USB (MacBook Pro Computer, 2014 edition) cable, downloaded software and drivers and I don’t see a light illuminating that shows the power is ON, nor is the drive recognized in Finder. Manufacturer’s Users Guide is HORRIBLE, besides the fonts being so small an magnifying glass is required.

I’d greatly appreciate any help, since it’s Saturday and G-Technology Tech Support is closed.

Are you on Monterey?

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I’m having a similar issue with my 32TB G-SPEED Shuttle SSD TB3 on a brand new M1 Max MacBook Pro running Monterey 12.1. I followed all the steps listed on the link below but still not working. The drive appears to mount and can be seen in disk utility on the Mac and on the G-RAID Software Utility as well. It shows that its running synchronization in the background via the G-Raid software utility in the background.


When I click on the drive to try and access it, I just get a permanent spinning rainbow of death and finder locks up until I physically unplug the drive.

Any suggestions?

The last message I received from support changed their tune. No longer a WD issue, now they claim Apple will fix it in “a future update”.

2 32TB SSD doorstops.

Another update:

So I’ve used the Promise drivers and managed to get my drives to show up for a few hours to minutes each. Usually they end up un-mounting themselves, sometimes they just lock up the Mac. One of them no longer mounts at all.

I’d like Western digital to send me a pair of 32TB SSDs formatted in exFat (their suggestion) so I can attempt to copy my information off these dodgy drives. Otherwise I’d like a complete refund. This nonsense has gone on long enough. Close $20K worth of drives that are completely useless.

I’ve contacted Apple support and former colleagues there (I just left Apple last year after 26 years in product management) and neither set of folks are aware of a pending fix coming from Apple.

I have no functional driver from Western Digital, no functioning Drive Utility, and no path to making these things useful.

I’d like a response from Western Digital.