G-Speed Studio XL Firmware Issue


I have a G-Speed Studio XL 48TB Thunderbolt (late 2014).

All was working fine until I mistakenly upgraded to Mojave.

After I reverted back to Sierra 10.12.6 the system powers-up but does not stay connected for long.

It does stay connected in the very latest (last) version of Sierra on another computer.

Has anyone had a similar issue?

I am thinking this is a firmware issue. And if so, wondering if possible to revert firmware to an earlier version without wiping media from drive?

If so, any information on how to resolve much appreciated.

Thank you,

There is no firmware downgrade, only upgrade. The firmware or software version of the Utility won’t affect its connection rate, especially if it works fine on another system. The issue would be due to your system. You can always try other ports or a cable.

Hi Rydia,

I am using the same cables on both systems.

The newer computer/OS works fine.

The RAID wont start on the older computer no matter which (of 4) ports is used.

Thank you,

I still feel the upgrade to Mojave then reverting back to Sierra 10.12.6 caused the issue.

Thank you.

Hi Rydia,

Also see below in system profile. Does this help?

G-SPEED Studio XL:

Vendor Name: G-Technology
Device Name: G-SPEED Studio XL
Vendor ID: 0xC
Device ID: 0x80
Device Revision: 0x1
UID: 0x000C800000008590
Route String: 3
Firmware Version: 25.1
Port (Upstream):
Status: Device connected
Link Status: 0x2
Speed: Up to 20 Gb/s x1
Current Link Width: 0x2
Cable Firmware Version: 0.1.24
Link Controller Firmware Version: 0.14.0
Status: No device connected
Link Status: 0x7
Speed: Up to 20 Gb/s x1
Current Link Width: 0x1
Link Controller Firmware Version: 0.14.0

If you have the TB2 model and are using 10.12 you want to install this: XL TB2

That version of the GSU is for the older units only and with TB2. So make sure you uninstall your current version and install that one only and see if it helps.

Hi Rydia,

I managed to get the drive up and running and it is showing 2 bad disks.

I managed to get screenshots of drive utility readout before it shut down.

Also captured a few videos of the drive exterior as it was attempting to start up and shutting down.

Can I open a case at this point so I can upload the materials for support team to review?

Thank you.

If there are bad drives listed then the best option would be to redo the entire RAID system but yes you can always call in for support. 888.426.5214 for US based support.