G-Speed Studio XL crashing Mojave


Late 2015 Thunderbolt 2 G-Speed Studio XL 24TB. was working perfectly. Upgraded to Mac OS10.14.1 Mojave and OS crashes if G-Speed is plugged into thunderbolt port.


What type of Mac are you using? Since you just updated the OS you could try resetting the SMC and NVRAM to see if that fixes the issue. There are no drivers for the TB2 model so it would be a reaction to the drivers built into your OS.


It’s a late 2015 iMac Retina 5K, 27 inch. I have managed to re-install OS10.13.6 and everything is fine again.
Thank you Apple. (: Not!!


I have this same issue. My G-Speed Studio XL causes kernel panics on Mojave, randomly. I even tried a clean install of MacOS on two different computers, still causing kernel panics. Is G-Technology aware of this and will there be a fix?


I tried the raid on two different machines running Mojave. Kernel Panic on both. Reverted to High Sierra and all runs fine.
Time to catch up G-Tech!


Looks like G-Tech are ignoring this issue, sadly.