2x G-Speed Studio XL and G-Raid no longer being recognized in Windows 10

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For the last couple of years we have been very happy with our 2x G-Speed Studio XL’s and G-Raid Thunderbolt 2 running on our Windows PC’s. Only when switching from Windows 7 to Windows 10 our Thunderbolt 2 PCI’s (Asus ThunderboltEX2) were no longer being supported. After this we switched to Thunderbolt 3 PCI’s (Asus ThunderboltEX3) in combination with a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 converter from Apple. Everything was back to normal.

The last weeks have been a mess however, as I have been struggling with reinstalling drivers/firmware, Windows updates, switching thunderbolt 2 cables, computers, opening up the pc’s to move around the Thunderbolt 3 PCI’s and cables on the motherboards (X99 Deluxe II and 2x X99 Deluxe 3.1) and also between the different pc’s. Sadly with no luck and we could really use some help.

Let me describe the situation:

Before the issue:
We power on the PC’s, both G-Speed Studio XL’s boot up at the same time and once we enter Windows we can access the drives. The G-Raid needs to boot up manually by pressing the power button and can then also be accessed in Windows.

We power on the PC’s, no G-Speed Studio XL boots up. When we press either of the Studio XL power buttons after accessing Windows they boot up briefly before shutting down again. Switching cables doesn’t help either. The G-Raid remains on but is only recognized when attaching the USB cable instead of the Thunderbolt 2 cables. When plugging the drives into my Macbook however, everything still works the way it should. But we have been working with the drives from Windows for years now.

Hopefully this is a well known issue with a simple fix. If anyone has the solution, or is experiencing problems similar to ours, please let us know.

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The issue is due to the TB not being set up fully on the current Windows system.

The reaction from our Studios is what gives it away. The devices will not stay on if not connected to an “active” TB connection. That means the computer needs to be on and the TB needs to be in fully working order, otherwise it will power up, beep twice and then turn off.

You will need to make sure you have the latest Intel TB drivers and support from your motherboard. Then also check the device manager and make sure it installed them properly.

Hi Rydia, thanks for the swift reply.

That’s worrying, and would be even worse for a company like G-Technology who depends on Windows working properly for their products to function. Let’s hope they come with a fix soon. Do you have any news regarding TB support in Windows?

As for the tips you gave us in your reply:

  • TB drivers
    I have now updated this to software package version:

  • Motherboard TB software
    Until now I thought I was running the latest version but apparently not. Just went from NVM version 16, to NVM version 18 and during installation got a new error.

  • Device manager
    Thunderbolt controller - 1577 shows up and is up to date. Is there anything else that should up in device manager?

I will now reboot the PC and follow the steps from the Thunderbolt Firmware update tool, displayed in “Capture2.JPG”. If this fixes the issue I will let you know.

Thanks for the help so far,

Thanks for the support Rydia!