G Speed Studio XL (48TB) Not Powering On


I have a G-Speed Studio XL 48TB Thunderbolt (late 2014) that is not powering-on.

I’ve checked all cables, AC and Thunderbolt, with other drives and they work fine.

Am wondering if anyone has had a similar issue? Any information appreciated.

Thank you,


In order to power on and stay on this unit requires secure power and an active data connection to the computer. This means it has to be plugged into a Thunderbolt connection on a computer that is powered on. It will not power on with AC alone.

Hi Rydia,

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, I am aware of this. I have both AC power and thunderbolt connected (Although don’t know what you mean by “secure power”)

Once everything is connected, I hold the power button in to power up, like I normally do, but nothing happens.

Thank you,

Secure power just meant it is attached securely and not loose. Sometimes users have them not pressed in all the way.

Do you happen to have another power cord you can try? They are standard universal power cords. Otherwise what you would do at this point is send the unit in for replacement. I suggest calling in to our support to get an RMA setup for the enclosure. (888) 426-5214

Yes, the AC cord is fine. I tried it on another component and it works. I was thinking it must be the enclosure.

I will call support.

Thank you for your help.