G-SPEED Shuttle/Studio XL Thunderbolt 2/3 Ports Breaking - Need Replacing

I am the media manager at a small production video company and we currently own 25 different G-SPEED Studio/Shuttle XL Thunderbolt 2/3 Hard Drives. They have been great so far however 4 of the hard drives have recently had one of the thunderbolt 2/3 ports either break or get pushed into the chassis so it is completely inaccessible. Luckily two of the hard drives are still under warranty and can be replaced but two of the hard drives are not under warranty anymore so I cannot send them into be repaired or replaced.

Has anyone had this issue before? and if so are there any good solutions or good companies who can help fix the thunderbolt ports? Any suggestions are welcomed.


We regret to inform you that physical damaged drives are not eligible for replacement as per western Digital warranty policy.

Find below the link for Western Digital warranty policy:

Also, please Contact Us for any further assistance.