G drive 8TB Thunderbolt not connecting

My 8TB drive has just stopped connecting to my MacBook Pro with the Thunderbolt cable, though it does connect with the USB 3 cable supplied.

I have checked it with two thunderbolt cables, so its not the cable.

I’ve had the drive since December 2016 and the MacBook is the same age.

Do you have any other Thunderbolt equipped hardware you can try to rule out the Thunderbolt port(s) on your system? It s rather rare but is a possibility.

If the Thunderbolt interface has gone bad on the drive you can always get a replacement under warranty. The RMA process is done on our website here: RMA

Unfortunately I bought it as a new item, from a seller on ebay, its not showing up on your RMA system.
I have just tried contacting them through ebay, but ebay’s system spotted me putting my email contact address and blocked communication. I doubt that I will be able to secure any refund from the seller as it stands.

I am just wondering if its possible to salvage the drives from it, to keep the storage functional, in a different raid sytem. What would be your recommended approach for that? Would WD be prepared to supply a new casing?

We don’t have just casings that can be sent out nor do we sell them. G-Tech only has complete units with enclosure + drives.

If you wanted to just use the drives you can do so by just opened up the enclosure and placing them in another enclosure.